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About Me

About Me


Hi, I’m Jamie Foote.

I am a 42-year-old mom of two daughters, a wife, a health advocate, an entrepreneur, and an educator. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, learning about health, and making healing foods in my kitchen. 

In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than following my oncologist’s advice and taking the traditional treatment route, I stepped away and went on a journey to find my own health, and learn how to heal on my own. I’ve had amazing “non-traditional” doctors that have guided and helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, and for that, I am very grateful.

One of the first things I did after I found out about my diagnosis was switch to a plant-based diet. Our family was already in the process of switching to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet due to allergies my daughters had, but adding plant-based and vegan foods to the mix was a hard journey. I’d like to show you how I did it, and provide you with recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious!

I have researched all kinds of diets, food and nutrition, energy medicine, alternative therapies, detox, meditation and more, and now I am here to share my nine-year journey with all of you.

About Me Fun Facts:

  1. Growing up we didn’t have dogs, and since being married, we’ve had 5 Yorkies! Unfortunately, Sammy & Mikey aren’t with us anymore. Our family loves our little fur babies. Can you tell who our favorite bands are? We’re 80’s rockers at heart!
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2. I love to spend time in Hawaii with my family, it is our favorite getaway!

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