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I remember hearing the words “You have cancer” going through my head over and over for years. The questions kept racing through my mind. “Will I be around to see my girls graduate high school?” “Will I be around to see them fall in love and get married?” “Will I see their careers?” “Will I ever get to be a grandma?” Those are not the questions a 34-year-old mother normally thinks about, but I did.

I felt a lump on my breast in January 2010, and I knew I should get it checked out, but I was either too scared or in denial to convince myself to do it.  In June 2010 (yes I waited 6 months), I went to my regularly scheduled OBGYN appointment, and she sent me to get a mammogram. The first mistake was my mammogram, but we’ll talk about that later. After the horrible, dreaded mammogram, they asked me to stay. They took me right into ultrasound, and what they did not prepare me for was the biopsy under ultrasound. Obviously, I knew something was wrong when they asked me to go from one procedure straight to the next, and I was in the Women’s Center for six long hours.

The tests fell on a Thursday, and I had to wait through the weekend for my results. It felt like decades, especially since I was in pain. On Monday morning, my husband and I went to the hospital together, and we were told that I had breast cancer.  It was like an echo in slow motion of words going through my mind: you have cancer.

I went home that night and didn’t know what to do, what to say to my girls, or where to turn next, so I went online. I researched everything I could think of, and I emailed at least thirty doctors that advertised their alternative cancer treatments online. About half of the emails I received back seemed logical and effective, which gave me more research to do before I decided how to handle this. I didn’t feel right about chemotherapy; I didn’t want to be burned and go through what seemed to me to be torture. My husband and most of my family were very supportive. Ultimately, I decided to visit an integrative doctor’s office in Arizona. I’ll write about my experience at Euro-Med next…