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Not very many people know how to add more parsley to their diets.  It’s usually found as a garnish on your plate at a nice restaurant, I’m the girl that steals that untouched garnish from everyone’s plate and eats it before they come to clean the table.  Here’s why…

10 Reason’s to eat more Parsley

  • Parsley will reduce your risk of cancer, such as breast, skin, and prostate.
  • Parsley is a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-oxidant & a natural diuretic.
  • Parsley improves immune function.
  • Parsley suppresses an overactive immune response which helps the battle with allergies, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation disorders.
  • Parsley will help suppress the inflammation that causes arthritis.
  • Parsley is high in Vitamin C.
  • Parsley is high in Folic Acid which reduces homocysteine.  Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid.  High levels of homocysteine damage blood vessels and increase heart attack.
  • Parsley is high in fiber and is a natural detox remedy.
  • Parsley has more Iron than spinach per serving, Iron is important because it is an oxygen-carrying component in the blood.
  • The Manganese in parsley contains superoxide dismutase which is an important anti-oxidant.


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